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"You didn’t even care and that fucking hurts."

- (via high-on—summertime)

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"I can never unlove you. I’ll just love you in a different way now."

- Marco, Starting Over Again (via missinyouiskillingme)

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"I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart."

- e.s. (via selectables)

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*pops personality for a real nigga on the first date*

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"You happened to me and my god am I glad that you did."

- but it still hurts now that you’re gone (via forever-and-alwayss)

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"Dont miss out on something that could be great just because it could also be difficult."

- Unknown (via suchvodka)

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Guys who use girls just like they use tissues and dispose of them are the most disgusting people on the planet

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